Alongside my research and teaching, I support knowledge dissemination projects in various capacities, from research and design to development and implementation.

For example, alongside Dr Martina Karels and Dr Nikki Dunne, I am working with Dr Niamh Moore at The University of Edinburgh on the online academic archive, Clayoquot Lives: An Ecofeminist Story Web. Clayoquot Lives is an online archive of materials related to the 1993 Peace Camp in Clayoquot Sound, Canada. The online archive launched in 2016 at the University of Edinburgh and features Dr Niamh Moore’s research from the 1990s. It was developed by Dr Niamh Moore, and executed in collaboration with myself, Dr Nikki Dunne, Dr Martina Karels.

In 2020 I started Knowledge Stitch as a small space to share a few resources for teaching and learning related to sociology and beyond. 

Also in 2020, I worked on ResearchCasts, a podcast amplification platform sharing academic research, grounded in theory and practice. I use this resource in my teaching practice, and hope others will find it useful also; the project hopes to encourage the use of academic podcasts in the classroom. Test driving the use of academic podcasting as a resource in Winter 2020, student feedback was positive: supplementing conventional course content with academic podcasting was a welcome change. Not only did students find learning more enjoyable, they appreciated that the format seemed to cut through the jargon.

Starting in 2009 and up until about when my PhD started taking up all of my time, I worked on Social Alterations with Dr Nadira Lamrad. Social Alterations was an online research dissemination project, sharing news and resources, designing and building lesson plans, workshops and activities related to responsible fashion, and the social and environmental challenges at work within the global fashion and apparel supply chain. 

In 2014 I built the project website Marginal Populations, Social Mobilisation & Development on behalf of its research team. The website featured research carried out through a thematic partnership between the University of Edinburgh and the TATA Institute of Social Sciences.