Back in 2007 Cameron Diaz offended many people in Peru with her choice in bag while climbing Machu Picchu. The bag in question flaunted a popular communist slogan, which brought back not so distant memories of the Maoist Shining Path group, responsible for murdering an estimated 70,000 Peruvians. Diaz publicly apologized for the mishap.


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Photos of Madonna’s recent trip to Malawi have generated some controversy over the political correctness of her outfit choice. Most critics have commented on the expensive tracksuit she wore on arrival, but I thought I might draw your attention to this outfit. The message seems mixed, with the “Malawi Love” t-shirt juxtaposed against army pants, and what looks to be military inspired boots. Surely Madonna was aware of the media circus that would be following her every move while visiting Malawi to finalize an already controversial adoption. What is the social responsibility of a celebrity when it comes to  their wardrobe?


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So, you guessed it; time for another poll.